40 Year Reunion

  • October 20, 2012 at the Astoria World Manor at 7:30 pm
  • Dinner October 19, 2012 for anyone who wants to attend
  • Brunch October 21, 2012 for anyone who wants to attend
  • There will be a block of rooms purchased at a nearby hotel (details to follow)
  • To pay by Check, please see below.
  • To pay via Credit Card, please choose the Paypal option below or send funds via PayPal to: admin@lichs72.com
  • You must fill out the form regardless of which option you are using.
  • You must pay by the date listed below in order to qualify for your discount!

Signing up for the reunion will cost each person a fee depending on when you sign up:

  • August 1 through February 1: $95
  • February 2 through May 31: $110
  • June 1 through October 19: $125
  • October 20 (at the door) cash only: $125**
    **NEW AND UPDATED! smiley 10/11/12

Signing up early has advantages! Cancellations are available. You will get a full refund minus a 5% handling fee. You must pay by the date noted above in order to qualify for the associated rate.

Note: Anyone who has previously registered / "ordered" in the past year without checking out or paying for your ticket(s) will no longer be able to pay directly via PayPal, using the "Pay Now" button. You will have to do it by "sending money" to admin@lichs72.com, or by mailed check.


Friday, October 19th

1. Old School Tour (Newcomer's School), 2:45 pm
28-01 41st Ave, LIC, NY, 718-937-6005

2. Early Dinner, 5pm-8pm
    5 Napkin Burger,
35-01 36th St, LIC, NY, 718-433-2727

Saturday, October 20th

Reunion, 7:30pm
Astoria World Manor, 25-22 Astoria Blvd, Astoria, NY, 718-278-7766

Sunday, October 21st

Brunch, 10am-1pm
Bel Aire Diner, 31-91 21st St, Astoria, NY, 718-721-3160


Directions: 7:30 pm!

Reunion (Saturday October 20 2012)

All checks must be received no later than 10/17/2012. Cash at door only. $125 price has been updated for "at door" price.
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Reunion Fee $125.00